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M2100 HotSpot 5G Red or Blue Plan | First month is included

Brands: Red Plan
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$299.95 $425.00 -29% Off

Red Plan : Introducing Inseego's MiFi M2100, the world's first gigabit 5G hotspot with millimeter-wave 5G as wireless..

Unlimited 5G LTE
No Data Limit
No Throttling
No Contract
No Credit Check
1st Month Included

Red Plan 5G Unlimited Data
It brings broadband speeds not just to one device, but to groups, teams, classes, and so on. With the Red plan, you get truly unlimited, unthrottled bandwidth for your on-the-go needs. If you’re in a 5G coverage area, you’ll get an experience second to none.


30 Days of Full 5G UNLIMITED Data, $125/Month!         

2.4” TOUCHSCREEN: The MiFi M2100 Wireless Hotspot features a clear, sharp monochrome touchscreen for monitoring data usage, changing WiFi settings, as well as keeping track of all connected devices (which could be up to 30)

DUAL BAND WIFI: Secure enterprise-grade dual-band WiFi with firewall support, Guest network, MAC filter, and manual DNS.

TAP TRULY HIGH SPEEDS: The 5G connection you get on M2100 is faster than fiber, and you’ll realize it better when multiple devices are connected.

UNLIMITED HOTSPOT: Get unlimited downloading, streaming, and uploading bandwidth without any throttling. Verizon brings you this incredible service for only $125/month.

LONG-LASTING BATTERY: The MiFi device has a 3,500mAh battery which can last you for up to 24 hours.

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