7730L Hotspot Jetpack Unlimited Data 4G LTE | $100 Monthly


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Jetpack MiFi 7730l Hotspot Jetpack

AT&T Unlimited 4G LTE data, No Throttling; use as much as you want!

This is perfect if you want home internet service and live in a rural area and have been hoping to find a solution.

Data speeds can range from 5-100 Mbps depending on your Verizon Coverage Area. 

Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7730l Hotspot Unlimited Data 4G LTE
Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7730l

Made by Novatel, the jetpack MiFi 7730L Hotspot Jetpack is Verizon’s first touch-screen hotspot. This isn’t that huge a deal, as AT&T has had touch screens for a while now and Verizon has had color non-touch screens, but it’s a nice addition. The device is also sleeker and classier than previous hotspots. Both the on-device UI and the web portal have gotten bold, clean refreshes and look better than other devices’ portals.

The USB-C port can also be used to connect a mass storage device like a USB stick drive, to share over the network. Since there are very few USB-C flash drives, you’ll probably need a female USB-A-to-male USB-C cable (available online for under $10)

With the on-screen UI, you can see but not alter most of the device’s settings. To change settings, you need to use the web portal, and you have plenty of standard options: GPS over Wi-Fi, manual DNS, VPN passthrough, IPv6, DMZ, MAC, and port filtering and port forwarding are all available.

You can set up an isolated guest network as well. The device transmits 802.11ac Wi-Fi simultaneously on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, without forcing you to switch between them

Speed and Performance

The 7730L has the best modem, with the best frequency bands and the best speeds, of any Verizon hotspot. It’s the first Verizon hotspot to support three-carrier aggregation, which enables faster speeds by combining different frequency bands. Within the US, it works on LTE bands 2, 4, 5, and 13.

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