Cloud SIM – How Does It Work?

Cloud SIM – How Does It Work?

Cloud SIM is a concept that is gaining a lot of popularity. It is a service provided by mobile phone companies, which enable their subscribers to use their mobile phone as if it was a cloud. This would help the subscriber to make calls from their mobile, access and use Internet services like messaging and browsing without having to buy a separate phone. The Cloud SIM was first launched in India in 2021 and within two months it had made a huge buzz in the country. Now, the same service is available in several other countries including UK, Australia, and the Netherlands.

CloudSIM Technology

Under Cloud SIM, a special SIM card is used by the subscriber. This would give him or her the freedom to use the same phone number for various purposes like accessing the internet, messaging, browsing, receiving, and making calls. The subscriber would get all these features without any extra cost and this is why more people are opting for this.

If you are wondering about the possibility of you going on a Cloud SIM holiday, you can easily do that. Since your mobile phone is linked to your bank account and you will be making or accepting payments via the same, it will not be possible for hackers to break in and steal your data. Moreover, Cloud SIM has a contract of a lifetime with the particular network that is providing the facility. So, even if the network decides to discontinue the service in the future, you would still be able to use your SIM. So, if you do not want to spend money every now and then, you should go for Cloud SIM.

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